Temperature Calibration Services

Temperature calibration refers to calibrating a measurement instrument compared to a master temperature standard.

If the readings produced by the unit under test do not match those given by the master standard, then the test instrument is calibrated, or adjusted to match the standard.

The test is repeated at different temperatures to ensure that the test instrument can consistently produce accurate results.

Temperature refers to how hot or cold something is. Temperature measurement allows us to assign a value to the level of heat or cold so that it can be expressed & understood.

Instruments used include but are not limited to digital thermometers, thermocouples, RTD’s, infrared sensors & bi-metal thermometers. Each of these tools require regular calibration to ensure that the readings produced are accurate indications of the temperature of the object being measured.

To calibrate the temperature measurement instrument, we sometimes use a dry block calibrator, liquid bath, hygrometer, IR calibrator, or thermocouple calibrator.

These temperature calibration masters allow the technicians to generate temperatures as cold or hot as necessary to ensure that the unit under test is producing accurate readings.



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